martedì 30 marzo 2010


hi guys!!!

today I bought the EVH III head and cabinet!!

OMG!!!! that's AMAZING!!!!

it really sounds like EVH! now playing Eruption is really an exciting experience!!!

3 channels:

1. clean easily goin to an hevenly crunch, it really depend of your feel on guitar, u can play clean, very clean and with a more hard picking have a great crunch. I LOVE IT

2. cruch getting dist very very easily too! once again that channel can be perfect for the whole rithm track in hard rock... lovely!

3. the EVH sound!!!! OMG!!!!! infinity sound, sustain, no noise, great sound!!! fantastic!!!!

3 separate channels, with their volume and presence... I could no ask for more!!!

OH not to forget bout the send return, and the great footswitch where u can change every channel and insert or not the effect!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I will post more as soon!! :))))

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