lunedì 8 marzo 2010


when I receive a friend invite, I am always in trouble trying to make the right choice... should I accept it? ignore it? denied? reply? contact who is inviting me?

after a long time on youtube (considering my past channel too) I had to realized how sometimes friend invite can be a real pain!
having too much friends, often means like receiving all kind of stuff, and of course not being able to check out anything about it... "uh! friends!? may I call friend someone who will never talk to me?!"

most of the people who send out invite, will not care at all about your stuff on the tube, but looks like they will just be interested in the highest number of friends possible...
it may be ok if you just go to the tube to watch some videos, but if you want to show your stuff, your artwork, your music, maybe you will be interested in focused people and in real contacts, at least in someone who will be interested in your activities.

being honest, I still have to realize the best way to manage those invite... writing them sincerly can be a good way to avoid who "spam" invite, but can also result some unpolite or rude, even if that is not the intention.

usually, if a musician contact me, I try to give a watch at its stuff, and most of the time I will accept the invite, but here is the real point.

why people send me an invite? they want me to check them out? so, why not writing me also something like "hi, nice to meet u, I like your stuff..." or "hi, nice to meet u, would you like to check out my stuff?..." well at least leave me a comment! :P

in the end, I got the sensation that a friend invite without any other message or comment, looks like a selfish thing and nothing more than this...

talking about subscriptions... well, it's ok, next time!! :)

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